Are lions in danger?

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Have you ever thought that the graceful king of the jungle who is seen as a dangerous animal could be in danger too? We get to see plenty of lions in television shows, documentaries and in zoos. This is why most of the population is unaware of the fact that lions are among endangered species now. There is a threat that the beautiful head of the food chain could go extinct if steps aren’t taken for protection right away.

Major causes of threat

You would wonder how lions could go extinct when they’re hardly ever hunted. The natural death rate of lions cannot lead lions to be in danger. It is only humans who can hunt lions because otherwise, lions play the role of the head of the food chain.


Surprisingly, among the reasons of endangerment, one is lion hunting. It is a recreational sport in some areas while in others, farmers hunt lions due to the threat to their farms. The cattle and homes of these farmers are in constant danger which forces them to kill as many lions as are in sight. Lions are also hunted for their fur. Hunting at such large scale definitely puts lions in danger.

Climate change

Climate change is a major cause of threat to not just lions, but also to many more animals of the jungle. Droughts, paired with canine distemper virus have killed more lions than anything. These two factors are affecting the prey of the lions as well. When animals that are infested with this virus are eaten by the lions, the infestation is transferred and causes healthy lions to die as well.


Without a home to live in, life becomes hard for every species. With increasing human population and industrialization, the natural habitat of lions is being destroyed. This itself causes the death of numerous lions. The chances of reproduction are also decreased with no home for the animals. This puts lions in danger of extinction.

Minimized prey availability

The aforementioned factors are applicable to all other animals as well. With widespread diseases and destruction of habitats, the prey isn’t readily available for lions. Fewer animals lead to lesser food availability and hence, a number if lions die due to malnutrition. The lions are in danger due to the danger that is faced by other animals like zebras.

Light of hope

Fortunately, the situation can still be controlled. There are many options that can be adopted to eliminate the issue of lion endangerment. Since it is just the beginning of the issue, professionals can make sure to encourage lion reproduction from this point. Similarly, lion hunting can be banned. Farmers can be given special fences for protection of their livestock animals. Areas that are lion habitats can be protected from viruses so that neither does the prey suffer, nor do the lions get infested.


We all need to come together and donate to the cause of lion protection. Without lions, the whole food chain will be disturbed. Without the king, the jungle won’t function.


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