Are Lions Really Dangerous?

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Lions might seem cute and cuddly, they certainly are, but what their adorable exterior usually masks is pure killer instinct. Lions are one of nature’s most accomplished predators. With their huge muscular legs, their razor sharp teeth, their heavy paws, and their unrestrained bloodlust, lions are designed to hunt and kill. You may have heard a number of stories and tales detailing lions living with people as pets. And although that is true and definitely possible, here’s why lions are dangerous no matter what environment.

Their Deadliness

Aptly called “The King of the Jungle”, the lion is an expert killer. Along with hunting herbivores and fighting other lions, they are great at killing humans as well. Lions are estimated to be responsible for around 250 deaths every single year. Lions have an ingrained predatory instinct that makes them a danger around each and every organism. Lions are never afraid to get into a fight. Until they spar for a few and realize they are outmatched, lions will continue to fight. Humans can never keep up in such a fight.

Their Psyche

There are a number of reported cases of lions being trained or domesticated to be pets. Circuses have lions as well. However, a lion can never be truly made into a companion. Dogs have been bred for centuries for the express purpose of being companions to humans. On the other hand, lions have existed for centuries to hunt and fight. A lion can never be tamed. Savagery and wildness is a part of who they are. It is in their genes.

Another important factor is the fact that lions do not consider humans to be threats. Since human beings are devoid of horns and fangs, and other threatening body parts, they look like common prey to lions. In some cases they may be even look like sickly and old lions. A defining characteristic of lions is the fact that they consider any lion not a part of their pride to be an enemy. So by default, humans can become their enemies in certain cases. Moreover, depending on the situation, female lions might consider humans to be a threat to their cubs and attack them. In another scenario, a lion might just be hungry and go after a human since they are easy prey.

As for domesticated lions, though they may be calmer and friendlier than their siblings in the wild, but such cases often come with a number of incidents. There are a huge number of reports detailing lions attacking their owners or other humans both at home and circuses. Even if they do not attack humans, they might attack any other animals or other pets that the owner might have with them. Numerous reports of lions brawling with other circus animals can be found. Having a lion as a pet or getting close to them can be quite the adventure, however it comes with mortal risks. In short; lions are dangerous animals.


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