Meanings of Lions Tattoos

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Here is the symbol of the different lion tattoos:
1) Cultural Significance
2) The symbolism of the lion throughout history
3) In ancient civilizations
4) Within Religion
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Lions tattoos are very numerous and varied, the majority are worn by men, however more and more women are interested in them. This article will discuss the meaning of lion tattoos in relation to the different symbols of the lion.

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Here is the symbol of the different lion tattoos:
Common sense
The lion tattoo is not "trendy" strictly speaking, but it has been timeless and popular for a long time. Most of the time tattoo designs are large because of the details and the shading work required. Getting a tattoo of a lion often includes the entire head or body. Of course, in different cases objects are added to the tattoo, such as the crown in homage to the "king of animals". To see many lion tattoos our team refers you to the TOP 150 of the Lions Tattoos.

1) Cultural Significance
The Chinese attach great importance to the lion because of its character traits, it embodies luck and power. They say that the lion is an animal that represents the symbol of the earth and the sun. Leo is also the fifth sign of the zodiac as we have in the article on the zodiac sign of the lion. The individuals belonging to this sign have a pure heart and have an overflowing energy, the lion is a little shy and appreciates having control.

For all these reasons, the lion has long been an iconic figure. This is one of the most symbolic tattoos available. Many designs exist in the field of tattooing, both tribal and Celtic designs and many others.

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2) The symbolism of the lion throughout history
When it comes to animal tattoos, the lion's tattoo comes to the top of the list, as does its status in the animal kingdom. His status as "king of the jungle" or "king of the savannah" comes from his power, the lion can weigh more than 180 kg. His intelligence and skill make him one of the greatest predators in the world.

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3) In ancient civilizations
Since the dawn of time, the lion has been represented by ancient cultures, including mythology, legends, literature, films and many other media. Some civilizations placed the lion as the king embodying royalty, while in Roman mythology it was associated with love.

For the Egyptians, the lion represented balance through their sacred statues of two lions back to back. The Egyptians believed in balance, as did the sunrise and sunset and east and west - their statues of lions represented this important balance.

lion geometric tattoo

4) Within Religion
The lion is also a symbol linked to Christianity. In order to symbolize their beliefs, some Christians use the lion tattoo. In Islam, the lion acts as a symbolic figure or the sword and lion designate power. Different cultures associate the lion with the sun due to its status as a solar animal. The lion's mane is associated with the sun's rays, this feature is often highlighted in tattoos.

religious lion tattoo

If you want to take the plunge and get a tattoo, make sure you research all the different styles of tattoos, designs and meanings before choosing a final design to get a tattoo. There are literally thousands of different designs, styles and meanings to choose from. It is very important to take your time and do some research.


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