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1) The Truth about lions!
-•A. The truth is that lions are twilight!
-•B. Different symbols
2) Keywords Meaning Lion symbol
3) Symbolism of the lion in heraldry
4) Meaning of Lions in the different cultures of the world
5) Meaning of Leo in Astrology
-A) Character trait of the lion
-B) Revealing signs
6) The symbolic messages that the Lion offers us
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This article on the meaning of the lion's symbol and the totemic meanings of the lion explores a multitude of influences that the lion has on us. We have many epic lessons to learn from the kings and queens of the savannah. Whether it's a matter of being proud of your family or taking advantage of every moment to devour the beautiful life, lions are powerful totems and teachers.

The symbolic meaning of lions, as one might imagine, deals mainly with strength and on a second level of the symbol of vigilance, you will therefore see the theme of power repeated often in this article.

But first, our team will tell you about a mythology that circulates in the animal kingdom about lions. They are neither nocturnal nor diurnal. It is only fantasy words that mean that lions are not mainly day or night walkers.

1) The Truth about lions!
A. The truth is that lions are twilight!
Well, here's some incredible news you're going to tell us, but what does it mean? If you don't know what twilight means, it doesn't matter....we did our research too.

Animals like lions that are twilight are the most active creatures at this time. This means that lions do their best and the hardest work during the twilight and dawn hours. Countless cultures from the Celts to the Amerindians consider twilight as magical and mystical moments in time. Why? Why? Because it is "liminal". It's just another sophisticated word that means "neither here nor there". "Liminal" is the space between the two.

On a deep symbolic level, the space between the two represents a potential for 100% purity. It's a place in time where anything can happen. So here is the first lesson of the figure of the lion. While you are working, try to put yourself in a state of mind... a state of mind open to all ideas and opportunities. It is a pleasant way to produce inspired and creative work.

The lion is the first to be affected! Some of the lion's best choices for food and survival come at dusk. The lion keeps the best time for its ultimate benefit. As humans, we should do the same. Before taking a step in a task or project, we must put ourselves in a "twilight" state of mind to prepare ourselves for optimal results.

B. Different symbols
To continue, the lion is an animal considered by many ancient cultures as a solar symbol. And yet, he is also greeted like a lunar animal.

More precisely, the male lion represents the sun in various cultures, and the female lioness is associated with the moon. On the other hand, the winged lion is also the emblem of Saint Mark.

This symbolic intuition. Their twilight tendencies speak volumes about the lessons of harmony and fairness of the beast. Essentially, the symbolic meaning of lions revolves around balance in our lives.

In other words, the lion is asking us to moderate in a creative way. Don't overdo it. Instead, keep your mind calm, exercise good judgment and pay attention to optimal synchronization when you engage in life's activities.

The lion is seen as the "king of animals" or the "king of the jungle" which may be debatable as seen in the article The lion is the king of animals. However, we will continue to give him this nickname for the love of this incredible feline with its golden mane.

2) Keywords Meaning Lion symbol
Power consumption
Royalty fee
And of course, this quick list of the lion's meanings would be negligent if this phenomenal feline were not mentioned as a symbol of strength.

3) Symbolism of the lion in heraldry
The symbolic significance of lions in England is shown in heraldic art where it is one of the common emblems of English rulers because of these lion features:

Royalty fee
4) Meaning of Lions in the different cultures of the world
Leo has many meanings throughout the world, which demonstrates its authenticity and the aura it radiates. In fact, many people get tattoos from this iconic animal with many meanings explained in the article on the meaning of Lions tattoos.

In Egypt, the lion represented the fierce heat of the sun and was seen in the image of Sekhmet who is the Egyptian goddess known as the Eye of Ra. It is the protective power that annihilates evil.

In ancient Greece, lions were identified with Dionysus, Phoebus, Cybele, and Artemis because the myth indicates that lions designed the floats for these gods and goddesses. Here, the symbolic meaning of lions revolved around the protections and they were considered as guardians of the dead as well as guardians of palaces, gates, sanctuaries and thrones. They were also the ultimate protectors of the home and the house.

In Hinduism, the lion is an avatar (incarnation or personification) of Vishnu.

In Buddhism, the Buddha sits on the lion as a throne of coherence, strength and wisdom.

In alchemy, the symbolic significance of lions is associated with the highly idealistic and valued attributes of gold.

As you might expect, the lion is a symbol of authority and strength in African cultural history. There are also African legends in which the lion is presented as a great diplomat. The stories describe the lion as a great speaker and communicator. The lion often used his skill and strategy to negotiate harmony between all the animals of the African savannah. The African lioness (female) is associated with the moon, and is a symbol of ferocious motherhood and protection of her pride.

5) Meaning of Leo in Astrology
A) Character trait of the lion
As a symbol of the zodiac, those who wear the astrological sign of the lion probably have some of the lion's personality traits such as :

Passionate about
If you like, we invite you to discover this Lion Necklace Sign of the Zodiac and the collection of Lions Necklaces below.

Lion Pendant

Those born under the sign of Leo are fiercely independent, confident and in control.

Lions tend to be creative and influential forces and have the internal power to make positive (or negative) changes in their lives and in the lives of others around them.

The signs of the king of animals are very loyal people, and will defend the honor of their friends and family until death. Lion personalities can become strong and serious. It is interesting to note that this statement tends to become more flexible with maturity. In fact, Lions often become very playful and easier to live with as they get older. They also have a surprisingly strong sense of family and community. Not all lions show the same pride in their pack, but to be sure (whether they show it or not), they acquire a strong sense of identity within a group such as family, network of friends, working group, etc.

Lions, as dream symbols, indicate that we may feel like we are being preyed upon or able to defend ourselves. Dreaming of lions can also be a sign of our need to get in touch with our emotions, and to tame them if necessary.

In esoteric studies, the lion appears in the Tarot where it is illustrated in the Force of the Major Arcana map.

B) Revealing signs
When we observe the lion in the wild, we detect an easy strength and natural dignity. The lion is born powerful, and power comes naturally to him. There is no false bravery because the lion does not need it.

There is a reason why lions are very present in so many cultural myths. Not only do they have a powerful presence, but they are also honoured for their fierce pride. Lions remind us that it is important to find strength in support groups and to develop a sense of dignity and respect with our tribe, whether it is our community, our family or our circle of friends.

When the lion comes to us, it is a sign for us to enter into our natural birthright to power. Each of us is born powerful and divine. The lion reminds us of that.

6) The symbolic messages that the Lion offers us
- Stand up straight, remember your birthright in power.

- Have courage, have faith, believe in yourself and your abilities.

- Keep your head up - even in times of conflict, conduct yourself with dignity.

- Maybe it's time to defend something you care about, defend it hard if you have to.

- Perhaps it is also time to move forward and lead others honourably with a loving heart.

As with all signs and symbols, the symbolic meaning of lions must be special and personal for everyone. You will only find a brief summary of the different symbolic meanings available. Ultimately, you determine your own unique and symbolic relationship with the lion.

May all your encounters with lions roar with powerful meaning.

The LionPassion team


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