The King of the Jungle

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Lions are commonly known as the king of the jungle. However, the question of who gave this title and why it is lions who won this tile arises. It is after all humans who crowned lions as the king. There are some reasons used to justify this selection. Let’s have a look at what makes lions suitable to be the king of the jungle.

Lion personality

The big cats naturally have the tendency to be leaders. They are strong, brave, magnificent, and possess the personality of a king. These animals have a life of eating, drinking, sleeping, and that’s all. They hunt for food and rest for up to 20 hours each day. That is truly the life of luxury that only a king can afford. Similarly, the kind of authority and danger they portray gives them the right to be called the rightful kings. Almost every animal of the jungle is scared of the lion. Yes, the king does have enemies and for the lion that is the hyenas. They are strong and powerful. Without lions, the jungle wouldn’t function properly since they are head of the food chain. If the food chain is disturbed, the whole jungle will become a chaos. Therefore, the lions earned the title of the king of the jungle.

Ownership and speed

Lions are very good chasers. It is usually the lioness who goes out for hunting. Once the group of lion, called pride, gets access to food, they have the tendency to scare away cheetahs, tigers, and hyenas. This shows their strength over these competitors which is why lions win the position of the king and cheetahs, tigers or hyenas don’t. Just like kings, lions also mark their territories. They don’t allow anyone to intervene in their marked areas. If the circumstance demands, they are ready to start a fight to scare away any attackers. Lions are one of the fastest animals in the jungle. Some argue that bigger animals like the elephant or rhinoceros deserve to be the king of the jungle. However, when it comes to speed and strength, the lions outweigh these large animals.

Head of the food chain

The food cycle of the ecosystem begins with a lion. It is the lion who hunts other animals. Lions can eat fairly huge sized animals as well. They have the capability to hunt animals that are way bigger than themselves in size. Zebras, buffaloes, and giraffes are their usual prey. Without the presence of the lion, the whole system will be disturbed. There would be no animal that has an upper hand in terms of power. Without lions, the number of buffaloes, zebras, and other lion prey will increase by a large number. Just like a true king, lions maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem of a jungle.


We can see that lions clearly possess the characteristics of a ruler. It is, at the end of the day, just a title given by humans but one that is surely deserved by these big cats.  


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