The Power of Lion Jewelry

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Jewelry is a nice way of accessorizing the outfit. Gold, diamond, and numerous other valuable gems are bought and loved by women as well as men. Sometimes, jewelry is more than a display of some sparkle. There can be deeper meanings and connections. For this reason, a lot of people believe in having astrological connections with certain gems and what not. Lion jewelry has a symbolic significance too. Let’s have a look at what the lion jewel represents.

The general symbolic power of lion jewelry

Since lion is seen as a strong and powerful animal, its symbolic meaning in jewelry is pretty much the same as well. Lion jewels are considered to be a source of strength and courage. People wear lion bracelets, rings, and necklaces. There are different beliefs among different people. Some believe having a full lion is what has the most effect whereas others prefer just the head. Similarly, some get jewels designed that show the lion sitting on a throne. While specific details vary, the overall representation of a lion jewel is royalty and authority.

Chinese symbolic meaning

In Chinese tradition, the Foo Dog and Lion are usually either seen together in jewelry or for the same reason. The symbol of lion in Chinese jewelry signifies a connection to lions that appeared on the Silk Road in 206 BC to 220 AD. It also shows a connection with the Foo lions. The Chinese refer to these animals as Shishi. The lion is a symbol of protection of the Buddhist religion. For this reason, you’ll spot a lot of lion sculptures around Buddhist temples or in other areas of importance.

Hindu importance

In Hindu culture and Hinduism, lions have a very important role. It is a representation of one of their religious leaders called Vishnu. For the protection from Vishnu, Hindus get lion jewelry and sculptures.

Greek myths

In Greek mythology, lions were the ultimate protectors. Greeks believed that lions guarded their important paths, thrones, shrines, palaces, and everything else. Lions are considered to be the protectors of their homes and of the earth too. People with such beliefs prefer lion jewelry for protection from all evils.

Egyptian Jewelry belief

The people of Egypt connected lions with sun and fire. They put lions next to their goddess called Eye of Ra or Sekhmet. This goddess was the protector of Egyptians. She helped them stay safe from evils of the world. Therefore, Egyptians considered lions to be their protectors as well. Lion jewelry is used by people of this belief to fight off the bad and evil around them. They use lion jewels to stay safe from any negativity.

The diversity of belief in lion jewels is surprising. However, a lot of people have the trust of getting protection from lions in form of jewels. If you believe that the jewelry you wear could have a connection with your life, and if you also believe in the power of lions, get a piece of lion jewelry for yourself today!


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