The White Lion

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The lion specie is one of the most popular and iconic animals in the entire world. With their huge manes, their beautiful coats, and their fearsome reputation as kings of the jungle, lions hold quite the status for humans. They are feared, admired, and respected by both humans and other animals. Lions have an unrivaled status at the very top of the food chain in their habitats. There are two main type of lions, the African and the Asiatic. Although they have a few differences between them, they look very similar. The white lion, on the other hand, is the most unique type of the lion to exist in the world.

What the white lion is

The white lion has no real physical differences from the Asiatic or African lion. They are in fact the same as both of them. The main difference between the white lion and normal lions is that they are white. The white lion has a white coat instead of having the normal yellow and brownish hue. This is why they are aptly named the white lion. The reason why they have these white coats is not because they are a special species of lions, but it is has a scientific base.

Why white lions are white

White lions are how they are because of a genetic disorder. Lions that have a recessive allele in their DNA that gives them a white coat instead of the normal coat of a lion. The same allele causes the same defect in tigers as well. Therefore, such lions can be specifically inbred if wanted but leads to a number of a genetic defects in the offspring. These genetic defects and the inbreeding depression caused often makes scientists regard the inbreeding harshly.

Where white lions live

The same critics who view the inbreeding process harshly believe that white lions should not be let out in the wild because of their genetic faults. For a long time white lions were never let out in the wild and were instead held in captivity in zoos and wildlife parks. The first pride of white lions were introduced into the wild in 2009 and were able to survive. Besides that most of the white lion population reside in captivity. Some white lions can be found in the Jurques Zoo in France and also in Belgrade Zoo in Serbia.

Many experts still believe that introducing white lions into the wild. Because white lions are normally bred in zoos and raised there, they will find it hard to adjust in the wild. Furthermore, because of genetic defects they might not be able to survive in the harsh environment in the wild. The inbreeding depression includes symptoms of reduced fertility and some genetic effects as well. Therefore, white lions will face a very tough time next to their normal siblings because of the lion culture. The white lion population all around the world is fairly small and may not grow much larger for a long time.


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