The White Lion: A Divine Myth

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1) False Belief
2) A Powerful Symbol
3) Why do they disappear?
4) Nowadays
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The objective of our team is to provide concrete and real facts. No false stories or inventions out of nowhere. The lineage of white lions does exist, and they are incredible beasts. However, to our great despair they have been threatened for decades, leading directly to their complete extinction in the wild for 12 years. Fortunately, nature conservationists are involved in a constant struggle to ensure a future for white lions.

1) False Belief
White lions do not have albinism!

White cubs are rare because they can only be born if both parents have a recessive mutation in a gene that produces coloured pigments called melanins. Technically, these animals with leukemia, and not albinos, because they have a certain pigment in certain areas, such as the eyes.

On the other hand, albino lions lack pigment completely, while lions affected by leukemia show black features at the tip of the nose, black spots behind the ears and an "eyeliner" effect around the eyes.

It is also important for people to realize that white lions are not a species or subspecies in their own right," says Funston.

little white lion

2) A Powerful Symbol
The lion symbol is extremely powerful, but the white lion is not only of exceptional genetic rarity, its meaning goes much further.

It was in the Timbavati region of South Africa that the white lion was first seen. It is considered the most sacred animal on the African continent by the Sepedi and Tsonga communities.

lion statue

African high priests, established under the name of isasi, have told abundant stories dating back 400 years. At that time the white lion was already considered divine in nature from heaven.

In honour of the symbol represented by the white lion, our team proposes this White Lion Painting emanating an unexplainable aura. Moreover, if the heart tells you so, we invite you to discover the collection of lions paintings below.

Lion Table

3) Why do they disappear?
The first time white lions were discovered by Europeans, decades of hunting and capture followed. This captivity was not done entirely for entertainment, some conservationists at the time thought that white lions were weaker than "normal lions" (even if we don't like the use of "normal" ones), so they would have been in danger in nature.

Of course, being white is not ideal for a lion," says Paul Funston, senior director of the lion program for Panthera, the global organization for the conservation of wild cats.

However, these statements should be taken with some caution because to date there is no scientific evidence to prove this "inferiority". White lions are as strong and hunt as their wild brothers and sisters. It has even been suggested that their white hair helps them to hunt, as their unusual colour makes their prey confused.

disappearance of white lions

4) Nowadays
To date, no official legislation has been enacted to protect white lions from the effects of the hunting industry. In this way, the struggle for the perpetuation of these magnificent cats continues.

It is good to know that a study of 19 white lions raised in a garden in Italy has been done. Of these 19, 4 were stillborn and 13 others did not survive the first month. Six of the lions showed cranial anomalies. Only one cat was able to live for a long time, but he still had physical and neurological disabilities.

The white lion has been successfully introduced into some areas of nature. In South Africa, they roam freely in the southern part of Kruger National Park and in the Timbavati region, their ancestral lands.

White Lion Family

As we have seen, white lions are not albino, it is often a popular belief that is entirely false. In addition, the white lion has been a divine symbol in some cultures for many years.

Due to their rarity, white lions and lionesses have been hunted for many years. Today, an awareness has been raised and some white lions live in freedom, but the struggle continues.


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