What do Lions Eat?

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Living up to their title of King of the Jungle, lions have quite the voracious appetite. Hunting large animals and eating them for days is a common practice with lions. Adept hunters and intelligent, lions often hunt in groups and share the food amongst themselves. Their hunts can range from small antelope cubs to very large animals. Along with hunting, lions are very good at scavenging as well. They often track the movements of vultures and are ready to swoop in for the steal at any time. Lions often like to hunt and eat animals close to their size or even bigger. Scrutinizing the myriad of creatures they often eat, here are some they enjoy eating the most or eat most often:

Cape Buffalo

This huge mammal is one of the lion’s favorite prey. Although they are much bigger than lions, they often fall prey to the wild cat who hunt the buffalo in groups or pairs. The cape buffalo provides a rich and long lasting source of food for lions, so it becomes quite the delicious treat for them. These buffalo hunts can often results in injuries, but still taking the risk shows the supreme confidence lions possess.


Despites its massive size, and the fact that it easily towers over any lion or any other animal, lions have a certain knack for hunting giraffes. Although they usually go for the cubs, lions are also known to attack full grown adult giraffes as well. Much like with buffaloes, lions hunt giraffes in groups.


The warthog is a little different from the other animals mentioned here. It is smaller than a lion. However lions are known to hunt and eat warthogs very often. Perhaps, sharing a habitat with lions is the reason.


Gemsbok are highly popular game for lions. These large herbivores fit right into the category lions love to hunt; big, meaty, and sharing habitat with lions. Lions are known to hunt Gemsbok without groups and eating them for a few days.

Burchell’s Zebra

Another favorite of lions, the Zebra is big and full of pure muscle. Zebras often travel in herds, making it easier for lions to attack one mortally because of the confusion. Zebras are just the perfect size for lions to attack.


Much like Zebras and Gemsboks, Wildebeest are among lions’ favorite herbivore to hunt. Lions often hunt their calves as well, but when more hungry or traveling with packs, they are able to take adults down with unmatched ferocity as well.

Along with these huge animals and the warthog, lions are known to eat anything from hyenas to pythons. Though lions do have specific tastes, they do tend to eat anything when they are hungry and desperate. This also contains humans since lions have a reputation of attacking and eating humans as well. With it voracious appetite and its unrivaled reputation at hunting big animals, lions have a unique place at the very top of the food chain.


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